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Harding’s Wealth Managers was founded in Gilbert, PA by Glen Harding in 2002 and became incorporated in 2006. Glen has been in the investment advisory business since May 2000, and he has been a fiduciary since September 2002. He has years of experience working in the best interests of his clients and takes pride in helping them reach their dreams and goals.

We are proud to have been associated with TD Ameritrade as custodian for our clients’ accounts since 2006.

Our Mission & Values

Making Your Retirement Goals Our Priority Since 2002

We understand that you work hard for decades in the hopes of achieving a comfortable retirement in the future; this is the accumulation phase for your future retirement. It can be challenging to create a plan that will help you meet your retirement goals. During this accumulation phase we help to create a custom plan for you, and then manage it for you. We offer a wide range of services, including cash flow analysis, retirement budget planning, IRA, 401(k) and 412(i) retirement plan solutions, and more. Once you reach retirement we help create a plan during the distribution phase of your retirement, an income for life plan. We offer hands-on, unbiased investment management tailored to your unique financial situation and your dreams.

We are proud to serve clients across

Lackawanna County, Monroe, Northampton, Lehigh, Carbon, Hampshire, Luzerne, and Columbia County communities including:

East Stroudsburg
Jim Thorpe

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